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BENGALURU: A Bengaluru-based researchers’ team has come up with a new antimicrobial mask that is water repellent, is reusable up to 50 washes and stands out with anti-fogging traits.
The team led by M S Santosh and R Viswanatha at the Centre for Incubation, Innovation Research and Consultancy (CIIRC) of the city’s Jyothy Institute of Technology developed the mask in response to a special call for Covid-19 projects by the Nano Mission of Department of Science and Technology (DST) .
According to the team, the mask protects against microorganisms, dust, particulate matter, droplets and aerosols. These masks have a water repellent coating based on silica nanoparticles and antimicrobial coating based on a combination of nanoparticles and quaternary ammonium salt.
Santosh told, “We have designed and patented a new Lotus leaf-shaped mask that has water-repellent and antimicrobial coatings. The mask is 3 layered and fits well on to one’s face. One of the unique aspects of this mask is that it is inherently antifogging, especially for those who wear spectacles. The mask is washable and reusable with a microbial resistance up to 50 washes.”
The mask also has adjustable ear loops which offers a comfortable feeling to the wearer. The masks are available in 5 different colours and in two sizes (large and small).
“A patent application has also been filed for their technology and is ready for commercialization. The team is also looking for companies to commercialize their technology. The team will commercialize the product under the brand name ‘Aayudh’ with a tagline ‘An Armor for self-defence’. The researchers have already produced 1000 masks and are eager to scale it up with the second wave of coronavirus spreading across the state and country,” he added.

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