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BENGALURU: Pourakarmikas, who are a familiar sight on city roads, will soon get a makeover, with the BBMP head office itself taking charge of dressing up its frontline workers.
The head office will give away garden green and tangerine uniforms stitched by Karnataka Handloom Development Corporation (KHDC) to pourakarmikas under the chief minister’s Nava Nagarothana grants. The new uniforms will replace the olive green overcoats the pourakarmikas currently wear.
D Randeep, BBMP special commissioner, solid waste management, said: “Two pairs of uniforms will be given to each male and female pourakarmika. In addition to this, a pair of reusable gloves and a mask will be given. The mask will be a pull-up one, which will protect them from dust.”
AEE Santosh Kumar said, “Earlier, the zones would have the uniforms made and sent to the divisions under them. This time, we at the head office will have the uniforms made, have their quality checked and then send them to all the zones from where they will be distributed further.”
The new uniforms will comprise a sari with blouse and apron (overcoat) for women and a pair of trousers and shirt for the men. “Considering many of the pourakarmikas have early-morning shifts, we made sure the uniforms have reflective strips on them for safety,” Randeep added.
The pourakarmikas will also get a sweater and a cap. The Palike will be handing out a set of three brooms to each pourakarmika and orders have been placed with the Coir Board for the same.
Further, they will be given Rs 200 every month along with their salary, with which they can buy brooms.
Venkat Raman, a permanent civic worker and elected leader of a pourakarmika union, said, “We really need new uniforms. Currently, we wear uniforms over our clothes, which leads to our clothes getting dirty. However, we were also expecting shoes and a raincoat. But this is a good start.”

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