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BENGALURU: Around 200 Covid medical officers hired by the BBMP in June last year, when the number of cases started rising, have been left in the lurch with no confirmation if their services are required now. What’s worse, they haven’t been paid for the past two months.
The doctors, all MBBS graduates working in the private sector and some running their own clinics, responded to the BBMP’s call to be part of the the city’s crucial Covid management.
In January second week, these doctors met health minister K Sudhakar, requesting they be continued on the rolls for another year at least, in addition to payment of salaries. The doctors haven’t received salaries for December and January. “After we met the commissioner and the health minister, the salary for November was paid on January 28,” said one doctor.
During their appointment, it was agreed they would be be paid Rs 60,000 per month. Doctors said they were recruited in June, the peak of the pandemic, when several doctors working with the BBMP in urban primary health centres had gone on leave.
“We managed the urban primary health centres for Covid testing, ran fever clinics and conducted Covid tests in public places, including bus stands, railway stations, slums and factories. Now, we are managing the vaccination drives. We risked our lives to work for the city’s public health when some BBMP staff were not to be seen,” a doctor told TOI.
Govt has not considered our work: Doctors

Some doctors themselves suffered from the infection during the course of work. “It was not easy to convince our families when we joined as Covid medical officers. Some of us got infected. But we worked because there was a crying need. The government has not considered our work,” said doctors. “We requested the government to utilise us in mass vaccination drives,” they said.
Covid medical officers played a key role in testing and contact tracing, admit BBMP officers who worked closely with them. BBMP commissioner N Manjunatha Prasad said he was aware of the matter and measures have been taken to pay the salaries. “An order has been issued to continue their services for some more months,” he said.

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