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BENGALURU: A city-based NGO will launch a campaign to reduce honking in Bengaluru.
The first leg of the awareness campaign, #Bengaluru100KmsNoHonkingChallenge, will see the participation of citizens from 9am to 11am at GPO Junction near Vidhana Soudha on September 29. They will stand on the footpath with placards in their hands carrying messages discouraging irresponsible honking, which includes usage of shrill, loud, multi-tone horns as well as unnecessary and repeated honking.
“Honking near educational institutions and hospitals at any time, and also residential areas at night, is banned. Unfortunately, most of us honk indiscriminately without bothering about the harm we are causing,” Rajkumar Dugar, founder of Citizens 4 Citizens (C4C), said.
C4C has urged people to take up the challenge. “People should firmly decide not to use the horn at all, for a continuous distance of 100km within Bengaluru, irrespective of the days. If anyone happens to honk for any reason, he/she should restart the 100km count from zero. Motorists should be honest to themselves. Once the 100km no-honking challenge is completed, a motorist will be self-motivated to continue with new driving habits,” he said.
“The cumulative effect of indiscriminate honking by around 1 crore vehicles in Bengaluru can be devastating. Honking is a responsible act and must be resorted to only to save ourselves or someone else around us…” he added.

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