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BENGALURU: A day after Kerala stated that the acronym KSRTC belonged to it, netizens in Karnataka expressed displeasure on social media.
In fact, KSRTC was a trending topic on Twitter on Thursday. On Wednesday, Kerala transport minister Antony Raju stated that they received an order from the registrar of trademarks holding that KSRTC can be used only by Kerala from now.

Some netizens in Karnataka pointed out that Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation provides better services than its counterpart in Kerala. Jyothish tweeted: “How can we measure the quality of buses between Karnataka and Kerala. Karnataka always maintains high standard buses but Kerala KSRTC is still in our 80s (sic).”

Yogesh Thoogudeepa tweeted: “Can take the name but not the quality. KA transportation is the best in entire India. Nothing can replace the brand value and services created by Karnataka.”

Many others were disappointed as well. Shashi C wrote on Twitter: “For them it’s just a name, for Karnataka it’s a trademark. #KSRTC. Whatever the verdict is, No other government bus services in India could match the quality of Karnataka Buses (sic).”

A few people blamed politicians in the state. Shruthi HM posted: ‘This is going to hit the brand, built over the years. Utter incompetence of ruling party leaders in the state.”
Rohit wrote: “In northern parts of Karnataka, KSRTC was anyway branded as NEKRTC and NWKRTC. Southern wing can be rebranded as SKRTC. Kerala can claim the name #KSRTC brand but not the top class service that Karnataka’s buses offer. AIRAWAT and AMBAARI itself is brand (sic).”


Some suggested alternative names like Suvarna Karnataka Road Transport Corporation, Karnataka Rajya Rasthe Sarige Nigama, KARTC, KRTC, Namma KSRTC, Akhanda Karnataka Road Transport Corporation and NKSRTC (Nava Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) and Kalyana Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation.
HV Anantha Subbarao, president of KSRTC Staff and Workers Federation, said: “We are surprised to know that after 27 years of litigation the issue is decreed in favour of Kerala. I’m sure enough time and money are wasted over the litigation. It can be renamed KnSRTC.”
However, KSRTC officials maintained there are no plans to change the corporation’s name. While Karnataka registered the trademark in KSRTC’s name in 2013, Kerala stated it began transport operations under the same name in 1965 and Karnataka began operations only in 1973. In 1948, Mysore Government Road Transport Department (MGRTD) was formed and became KSRTC in 1973.
Will decide on legal fight after official order: Minister
Deputy chief minister and transport minister Laxman Savadi said there are no differences with Kerala RTC over using the name KSRTC. “As per reports, registrar of trademarks ruled that Karnataka should not use KSRTC as Kerala used the word before. We will decide on a legal fight once we get the official order.”
“We have a federal system so all states should maintain a friendly relationship with others. It’s unfortunate that this controversy has been unnecessarily broken out. This type of name or trademark affects business and profits in case of private companies. For government agencies, service to people is important and both states are working in the interests of people without resorting to profit or competition. No state should make it a matter of prestige and this is not something that Kerala can celebrate,” said Savadi in a statement.

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