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BENGALURU: Namma Metro passengers could soon use National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) as well as QR-code based ticketing.
The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) has installed one or two new Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates at each Phase 1 Metro station. The new AFC gates accept both QR-code and open loop NCMC. Phase 2 Metro stations already have NCMC and QR-code compliant AFC gates.
BMRCL officials said they are ready to launch the NCMC. “We are waiting for the CM’s date for the launch of NCMC. It is most likely to be launched by the first week of November. All testing and trials have been completed. Passengers will be able to use the NCMC card at all stations once it is launched. But the QR-code ticketing system will take some more time” said a senior BMRCL official.
He said all AFC gates at Phase 1 stations will accept both QR-code and NCMC in a phased manner.
Under the QR-based ticketing plan, BMRCL will allow users to buy tickets through its mobile App and will also provide paper-tickets through ticket counters. The app/paper ticket will display the QR code, which could be tapped at the QR enabled AFC gates at Metro stations. Once operational, the commuters will no longer need to carry the smart cards or tokens.
Open-loop cards are universal and can be used to shop and pay for parking, and can be integrated with other modes of transport like BMTC, taxis or autos. While closed-loop cards, like the ones currently used in Namma Metro, can’t be used for other purposes. However, BMTC is not yet ready to accept NCMC as it will need to change the existing Electronic Ticketing Machine (ETMs).
At present, 72% Metro passengers use smart cards and 28% tokens. However, tokens, which contain a chip that could be scanned at the AFC gate for entry, are expensive to procure and require sanitization after every use. In fact, many passengers also lose their tokens. However, the process is contactless with printed QR-code tickets/mobile app.

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