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BENGALURU: He would check into lodges claiming to be on a business trip and flee with television sets installed in rooms in the wee hours.
Vijay Ashok Kale Hiremath did it with such ease and frequency that most of the hotels in and around Majestic approached police for help. The 32-year-old’s luck ran out on Saturday when one of the hotel staffers identified him while he was roaming in the area.
Hailing from Hyderabad in Telangana, Vijay had stolen TV sets from more than a dozen lodges in Majestic. Vijay, who worked as cab driver in Bengaluru, lost his job after the pandemic lockdown. Left with no money, he decided to steal TVs from hotels.
Vijay came to Bengaluru occasionally carrying heavy bags. He would rent rooms stating that he’s a trader and flee with TVs hidden in thebags. On February 9, Vijay stayed in Vishnu Paradise lodge and vacated the room the same day. When the staff found out the TV set was missing, they filed a complaint with Upparpet police. On Thursday, Vijay was roaming near the lodge when a staffer, whose salary was deducted because of the theft, identified him.
Vijay told police he stole TV sets as he assumed lodge owners would not file a complaint but rather deduct the amount from their staff. He sold all the sets in Chamarajpet, Cottonpet and nearby areas for Rs 4,000 to Rs 6,000.
Nine LED TV sets and four cellphones have been recovered from him.



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