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BENGALURU: If getting both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine was tough, several Bengalureans are struggling to get their vaccination certificates. Many reached out to Covid helplines, volunteers and even tweeted their concerns after the centres where they got jabbed couldn’t resolve the issue.
Animesh Dey tweeted: “We took Covishield vaccine, but 25 days later no certificate or message received, CoWin portal does not show any data. Vaccination date 29th April. MRR school BBMP camp Mangammanapalya. They note down all the details in a notebook. Can someone help to get us registered?”
Another individual, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of being trolled, said he received his second jab in a PHC in East Bengaluru after CoWin registration, but has neither received the certificate nor any message. “My wife is in the US, and I need to visit her when travel is feasible. I’m worried that lack of a certificate will be a problem. I’ve reached out to every official possible, but to no avail,” he said.
Govt must help those stuck with vax process: Volunteers
Veena Joshi, a resident of Rajarajeshwari Nagar who got her second dose on May 5 at Lions UPHC GG Halli, said she contacted when she did not receive her certificate. She said that after much effort, she found a place that provided walk-in vaccination. She said officials there wrote down all details in a ledger, yet there were no updates. She went there again and contacted BBMP but got no answers.
“I’ve heard many people are facing similar issues. The Co-Win app still shows I’m due for my second dose. I have no problem because I’ve received both doses. But, how will the government know the exact number of people vaccinated? If such issues persist, the number of people vaccinated and those not vaccinated will be wrong,” she said.
A senior BBMP official told TOI

that beneficiaries may not received the vaccination certificate because the centres and hospitals would not have marked them as vaccinated. “This is a process issue, not a portal one,” he added.
Volunteers believe the government should share information about Covid to help people stuck at various stages of getting vaccinated.
Ameen e Mudassar, health volunteer and founder of Covid Helpline Bangalore, told TOI that most they’ve been receiving are about vaccines. “About 95% of queries are about slot booking, how they’re unable to find a slot, and about where they can find paid and free vaccine,” he said.


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