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BENGALURU: A 15-year-old girl from Gujarat got a new lease of life when Bengaluru doctors removed a football-size non-cancerous tumour, weighing 3.5kg, from below her neck.
The tumour was so big that Surbhi Ben had problems with breathing, swallowing and couldn’t sleep on her back. Her studies went for a toss as she couldn’t attend school for the last two years. However, doctors at Bengaluru’s Aster CMI Hospital conducted multiple surgeries, the last one being in December, and helped her get rid of the tumour.
She came first to the hospital in December 2019. Though the tumour was not cancerous, its placement below the neck stretching to the chest bone was challenging for the multidisciplinary team of 21 doctors that operated on her.
“There were three tumours in her throat and they were intertwined with the nerves of her neck, which made the surgery extremely complicated. Even though we took precautions, the outcome was uncertain due to the critical nature of her case,” said Dr Chetan Ginigeri, consultant, paediatric intensive care. Dr Girish G, consultant, surgical oncology, said there was extensive involvement of structures in the neck going to the upper torso, both within and out of the thoracic cavity.
Surbhi’s parents first noticed the lumps around her face which later engulfed her neck. Over the years, they approached several doctors in Gujarat’s Amreli district who said the tumour couldn’t be removed at local hospitals.
In the last seven years, Surbhi faced several challenges. While she could sit, stand and walk, she found it extremely difficult to sleep. “I was in class 9 when I had to discontinue studies. I had to cover myself over the neck and unlike other girls, I couldn’t wear normal clothes due to the ailment,” she said.
Now she looks forward to leading a normal life like kids of her age. “I will be able to continue my studies without the fear of social stigma. I want to become a teacher,” Surbhi said.

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