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BENGALURU: A political controversy is raging in Karnataka over the naming of a newly built flyover in Yelahanka New Town after Hindutva ideologue Veer Savarkar: The ruling BJP and opposition Congress and JD(S) are locking horns over the issue. Initially scheduled for Thursday, inauguration of the flyover has been put off, and the government has cited social distancing as the reason.
The 400-metre long flyover has been constructed by BBMP at a cost of Rs 34 crore on Sandeep Unnikrishnan Road connecting Yelahanka New Town to Vidyaranyapura. “The flyover was named after Savarkar last year at a BBMP council meeting. Later, the proposal was sent to the government for approval,” said Yelahanka BJP MLA and CM’s political secretary SR Vishwanath.

Opposition parties, however, have taken strong objection to the decision. “Naming the flyover after Savarkar is like insulting freedom fighters of the state. The government must withdraw its decision and name the flyover after one of the freedom fighters of the state,” tweeted Siddaramaiah, opposition leader in the assembly. He said the decision also highlights that the government is being run not by elected representatives but people who are behind the curtains, indirectly pointing fingers at RSS and other Hindutva groups.
The BJP strongly defended the decision. “There is no question of going back. The flyover will have the name of Veer Savarkar. When the Siddaramaiah government named subsidised canteens after Indira Gandhi, did we oppose it? Is she from Karnataka? Why didn’t they name them after a Kannadiga,” asked Vishwanath.


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