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BENGALURU: Many healthcare professionals including doctors, who recovered from Covid-19, were among those who have taken the vaccine.
Since they continue to work with Covid patients, protection against the disease through immunisation is necessary, doctors said. Some of them were asymptomatic when they tested positive for the virus, but all are wary of reinfection since there has been multiple such cases among colleagues.
“There is no clarity on how long antibody protection lasts for those exposed to the virus,” said a doctor from Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, who took the jab. The doctor said he suffered the infection eight months ago and there is no evidence yet on whether antibodies produced then would help now or in the future. “Though we have recovered, we are as vulnerable as those who have never been infected,” he said.
At Bowring and Lady Curzon hospital, more than 100 of the 1,800 staffers had contracted the infection. “People who have recovered from Covid are eligible to take the vaccine after four weeks of infection,” said Dr Manoj Kumar HV, dean and director of the hospital.
Dr Riyan S Shetty, consultant in paediatric cardiac intensive therapy, and head of extracorporeal life support, Narayana Health, had tested positive for Covid in September after working for a week in Covid wards. “At that time, there were a total 400 Covid cases in the hospital and most of us had volunteered to work in the Covid wards,” Dr Shetty said. “The infection was mild and I was in isolation for 14 days.”
Dr Shetty took the jab on Saturday. “Vaccination was an emotional moment. In future, the burden can be reduced,” he said, adding that if healthcare workers are protected against Covid, it will in turn help in treating non-Covid patients.
Dr Prakash Doraiswamy, senior consultant, anaesthesia and critical care, Aster CMI hospital, said he contracted the disease in June. “There is no specific test for antibody activity and to assess if someone is immune to SARS-CoV2,” he said. “Authorities across the globe say even those who recovered from Covid need to take the vaccine. It also helps instil confidence among colleagues.”
At Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases, Karnataka’s first hospital to treat Covid patients, more than 100 staffers had tested positive for Covid and some of them had also suffered reinfection. “So far 30 of those who recovered have taken the vaccine,” a doctor said.

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