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BENGALURU: A 12-year-old girl from Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh, who experienced sudden weight gain in the course of a month due to a renal disorder, has got a new lease of life after Bengaluru doctors recently removed 25 litres of water from her body.
Water accumulation had left her with a swollen belly, acute breathlessness and seizures. The girl weighed 65kg when she was brought to the emergency ward of Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Marathahalli on September 4. She was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, a condition where protein leaks lead to malfunctioning of the kidneys, resulting in water accumulation and low urine output.
The condition is characterised by very high levels of protein (albumin) in urine, swelling of tissues all over the body, especially in the stomach, weight gain, excess fluid and low protein levels in blood. “Her oxygen saturation level was 80% as against 95%. She had seizures, and high blood pressure. Her condition could have turned fatal, in case of further delay in starting treatment,” said Dr Shaumil Gaur, pediatric nephrologist, centre of excellence of kidney disease and transplant in children, Rainbow Children’s Hospital, who treated the girl.
“Evaluation revealed her lungs and abdomen were full of water. She was drowning in excess water collected in her body. However, her parents had failed to notice her other major symptom — low urine output,” said Dr Gaur.
It took five days for the doctors to remove 25 litres of water from the girl’s body. Fortunately, the girl didn’t suffer from any infection due to water retention, as the antibiotics initiated helped her.
The girl’s ideal weight should have been 38-40kg. Initially, her parents took her to a hospital in their hometown, but deferred bringing her to a children’s hospital, till her condition worsened, said doctors.
Dr Gaur said that most such cases are reported late due to lack of awareness. “The first symptom is puffiness or swelling in the eyes, which parents think could be due to an allergy or the child becoming chubby. When there is rapid weight gain in s a short span of time, they must consult a paediatric nephrologist,” he said.
The girl was discharged on September 16, but has to be on follow up for some time. Dr Gaur added that nephrotic syndrome is not an uncommon condition among children, and he has over 400 kids, who are on treatment.
The doctor said he had earlier removed 8-10 litres of water from children suffering from this disorder, but 25 litres was unheard of.

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