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BENGALURU: A couple and their four-year-old son, who were visiting a patient in Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital in Shivajinagar, faced an anxious 40 minutes when the elevator they were travelling in got stuck between the first and second floors on Saturday.
Fire and emergency services personnel and local police quickly arrived on the scene and rescued the trio.
Businessman Mohammed Rafi from Vijayanagar told STOI that he went to the hospital around 11.30am to see a family friend who was admitted for treatment at the government facility. Rafi’s wife, Asma, and son, Tazin, were with him.
“We were told that the patient, my friend, was on the second floor. When we visited the second floor, he was not there. We decided to return and entered the elevator by which we had gone up,” Rafi said. The elevator moved a few feet when it came to a grinding halt. “We thought it will resume and waited for some time, but nothing happened. Realising it was faulty, I tried dialling a number provided for emergencies inside the lift, but in vain,” Rafi said.
Rafi then called the police control room and staff there informed fire and emergency services and the jurisdictional Shivajinagar police station. Police called Rafi back and told him they were on the job and asked him to remain calm.
“Ventilation was not a problem inside, but my son began crying. Twice the lights inside the elevator went off, which made us a little apprehensive. We switched on the torch on our mobile phones whenever the power went off,” Rafi said.
Hemant Kumar K, district fire officer from south fire station, Mayo Hall, reached the spot with five of his staff. Kumar said they brought the elevator back to the second floor using a pulley. “As the lift came up, we manually opened the door and got all three people out,” he said.

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