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BENGALURU: A police sub-inspector’s impromptu gesture of helping a visually challenged couple and their two infant children drew praise from Karnataka’s chief secretary besides Bengaluru city’s top cop.
Manu K, sub-inspector attached to Vijayanagar police station, was on duty on Monday morning when he noticed Basavaraju and Chinnamma, a blind couple, sitting in an autorickshaw which had been seized by the police. The vehicle was parked outside the station and the couple were carrying their children, aged two years and six months.
Curious, Manu approached the couple and asked them what they were doing there. They told him that they were unable to find food due to the lockdown and wanted help from the police. Basavaraju and Chinnamma, who sing on the streets to earn a living, have been penniless since the lockdown was imposed. Moved by their plight, Manu consoled them and took down a list of items they needed — from groceries to diapers for the infant. Manu got grocers and vendors in the area to contribute the items and donated it to the couple. He also arranged an autorickshaw to drop the family back to their hut in RMC Yard.
“I could not stand by and do nothing after hearing about their plight,” Manu said.
Manu’s deed was amplified on Twitter by his colleagues. While praising Manu’s gesture, chief secretary Ravi Kumar P directed the local tahsildar and revenue officers to provide all the necessary assistance for the couple.
City police commissioner Kamal Pant and several other top officials appreciated Manu’s work. The act also caught the attention of many good Samaritans who have rushed to the aid of the family.
“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see! Highly appreciate the noble gesture by PSI Manu of @vijayanagarps who helped a blind couple and their children with food, groceries, and diapers for the toddlers. He also arranged an autorickshaw to drop the family back home. Commendable work!” Pant tweeted.

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