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BENGALURU: Several residents of HRBR Layout in east Bengaluru faced a double whammy on Saturday: When they noticed muddy water coming from taps of their houses, they complained to BWSSB. But the reply they got was, ‘Please adjust’.
Around 4pm on Friday, when residents turned on the taps to get supply from BWSSB, their buckets were filled with brown water that also emanated foul smell. Worried, they rushed to check their tanks and underground sumps, and found those too filled with dirty water.
“There was no clean water left in the tank since it had got mixed with dirty water,” said a resident. BWSSB does not supply water to the locality daily, forcing most residents to depend on borewells and tankers. RTI activist Syed Asif said: “When the tank got filled with muddy water, I called up officials, but they told me not to worry about it. They said to adjust with the water, and not use it for drinking.”
Asif took a bath at 7pm and found rashes on his skin.
Santosh K, another resident, said this is the third time in the past few months that the locality has been getting dirty water in their tanks. “We called BWSSB a couple of times but they never listen to us. Many a time, they tell us to buy water,” said Santosh.
The water board said the problem is because of a new pipeline commissioned recently. “There is nothing to fear. It has been settled now,” said a senior official.

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