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BENGALURU: A bank manager’s father, who was kidnapped for a ransom of Rs 25 lakh during his morning walk around his farmhouse, was rescued by Ramanagara police after a nine-hour operation.
Chased by police, his three abductors — daily-wage workers in their late 20s — had abandoned him in the forest and tried to flee.
The first-time offenders are now cooling their heels in jail.
Santosh Gowda and Viji Kumar of Gadaranahalli village and Vasant Kumar of Avaremala village abducted 74-year-old Parameshwar, father of Radhakrishna Prasad, on March 31 in a bid to make a quick buck, police said.
“They monitored Parameshwar’s movements for a few days and decided to abduct him in a car. Vasant borrowed the vehicle of his friend Arun Kumar of Rampura village, saying he wanted to visit a temple with his family. They chose to kidnap Parameshwar in the morning in the hope of getting ransom by evening,” police said.
On the day when Radhakrishna had gone to Anekal, the trio waited near an agricultural field in Maralavadi village, a kilometre from Parameshwar’s farmhouse. “Parameshwar started his morning walk around 6. The accused, covering their faces with monkey caps, blocked him and pushed him into the car. They drove to Rampura forest, around 15km away,” police said.
At 7.15am, they called Radhakrishna on his mobile and threatened to kill his father if Rs 25 lakh was not paid. They parked the car deep inside the forest and threatened Parameshwar at knife-point. They called Radhakrishna again and enquired whether the cash was ready. They told him that they would call in the evening to tell him where he should come with money.
At 9am, Radhakrishna filed a complaint with Harohalli police. Tracking the phone from which Radhakrishna had received the calls, police reached Rampura forest range.
“Personnel from neighbouring stations too had arrived at the spot. Split into five teams, we entered the forest. At 4.30pm, we spotted Parameshwar sitting beneath a tree. He told us that sensing trouble, the trio drove away by 2pm. While we rescued him, another team chased the abductors and arrested them from Rampura village by night,” police said.

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