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BENGALURU: A 32-year-old Covid-infected woman succumbed to the virus in Bengaluru on May 29, just four days after she delivered a baby girl through C-section in the 32nd week of pregnancy. She was among at least 17 Covid-19 positive women who died postdelivery in Bengaluru.
Miraculously though, nine of the 17 offspring survived and are doing fine — as in the case of the 32-year-old’s baby. “The baby tested negative for Covid-19. Vertical transmission of the viral infection from mother to baby is very rare,” said Dr Prashant Urs, neonatologist, Apollo hospital, Bannerghatta Road, whose team is taking care of the baby as the father is also Covid positive and in ICU.
Covid-19 related maternal death — unheard of in the first wave — is now a new worry in the medical community. Sixteen of these 17 deaths during the second wave have occurred in government-run HSIS Gosha hospital, a dedicated Covid-19 maternity hospital. There is no comprehensive data on Covid-related maternal deaths across the state.
At Gosha hospital, a total of 545 women were admitted over the past two months and 288 deliveries were conducted.
“In the second wave, we registered 26 deaths,” Dr Tulasi Devi, medical superintendent, HSIS Gosha hospital, told TOI. “This figure includes 16 women who died after preterm C-section delivery. The gestation period in the other 10 pregnant women were within 20 weeks when they succumbed to the virus. All the 26 women suffered from severe Covid pneumonia and acute breathlessness, a scenario that was not seen in the first wave.”
However, she clarified that not everyone who was infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus during pregnancy suffered complications. “Ours is the only Covid-19 maternity hospital and most of the cases we get are those referred from other places,” Dr Devi said. “We have also had women coming from Kunigal, Hoskote and Gauribidanur. Delayed presentation, late referrals and patients ignoring initial symptoms are all contributing factors.”
However, none of Bengaluru’s major private hospitals, including maternity hospitals like Motherhood and Fortis La Femme that provided care for Covid-19 positive women, reported similar cases.
“We have not had a case of a Covid-positive pregnant woman or new mother dying. Even now, most of the Covid positive women currently in our care have mild symptoms and are doing well. A big majority of patients that come to corporate-private hospitals have a high level of awareness about Covid and are in constant touch with their doctors,” said Dr Manjula Patil, obstetrician and gynaecologist, Motherhood hospitals.
Blood clots

A senior gynaecologist from a city-based government hospital told TOI that pregnant women diagnosed with Covid-19, especially after 26 weeks of gestation period, have a higher risk of developing blood clots due to the infection as compared to non-pregnant Covid positive women.
“Covid is known to cause blood clots. Pregnant women are among the high-risk groups and blood clots can damage the placenta and obstruct blood flow to the foetus, resulting in life-threatening complications for the baby as well as the mother,” the doctor added.
“If there is a pregnant woman at home, everyone around her should be cautious as the spread of infection in closed places like within a house is wider,” the doctor said, adding that the government should consider vaccinating all pregnant women.

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