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BENGALURU: What do you need to do to ensure Bengaluru is not only prosperous, livable and has amenities of global standards? Ensure that number 9 is a prominent motif in its administration, believes the joint select committee of the Karnataka legislature vetting a new bill on governing Bengaluru.
The committee has knocked on the doors of the government to increase the number of wards, with a request to ensure it adds up to 9. It reportedly orally requested law minister JC Madhuswamy to help it on this count.
The committee’s trust in the number stems from its desire to seek blessings of the Navagraha (nine planets) for Bengaluru’s well-being. Navagraha are the nine planets that are believed to influence human life, according to Hindu astrology. It is another matter that the existing number of BBMP wards, 198, also adds up to 9 but that has not made much difference to Bengalureans’ travails.
The existing KMC Act allows the government to have up to 200 wards, but the committee is in favour of allowing the number to go up to 250 and fix it at 243 since it adds up to 9.
The committee comprises the law minister, the primary and secondary education minister and 11 BJP, six Congress and three JD(S) MLAs.
CV Raman Nagar MLA S Raghu, who heads the committee, said, “We have asked for increasing the wards up to 252 or at least 243 or 225. The government will take a call.”
Asked about the logic of 9, he said, “It’s not a priority, but our elders followed it. We also need God’s grace to keep Bengaluru prosperous.”
Former minister and MLA Ramalinga Reddy said, “Numerology was discussed during the meeting, but we clearly said we should stick to 250 wards.”
Numerologist Adithya Narayan said that it was a wrong decision to choose the number nine and suggested that five would be lucky for Bengaluru.
Miracle buster and rationalist Hulikal Nataraj said, “The ward addition must be done scientifically, and numbers cannot change the fate of Bengaluru. Despite the current number of wards adding to nine, citizens are left to suffer with bad roads and floods. Most importantly, elected representatives’ mindset needs to change.”
He added that superstition about numbers is there even in developed countries like the US.
Tara Krishnaswamy, civic activist, was shocked over the numerology debate and asked representatives to collect public opinion before passing the BBMP bill. “There are many issues, including basic amenities and they are stuck with numbers. It’s really unfortunate.”

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