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BENGALURU : Congress on Thursday demanded the “immediate” resignation of legislative council chairman Basavaraj Horatti, accusing him of violating a constitutional provision by announcing his intention to join BJP.
“As a presiding officer, Horatti has insulted the Constitution by openly stating that he will cross over to the BJP,” said BK Hariprasad, senior Congressman and opposition leader in the council. “We did not expect this from a senior leader like Horatti. He has served as an MLC for seven consecutive terms. ”
Horatti, who was elected to the upper house on a JD(S) ticket, plans to join the BJP and had met Amit Shah when the Union home minister visited Bengaluru last week. After that meeting, Horatti had announced that his induction into BJP has been settled and he will join the saffron after resigning as chairman on May 11.
However, his decision has stirred a row as many feel it was improper for Horatti to have met Shah before quitting as council chairman. “Politicians are free to leave a party and join another, but it is improper for a person holding a constitutional post to make statements about his defection plan,” Hariprasad said. “Horatti has vitiated provisions of the tenth schedule of the Constitution. ”
He said opposition parties could have complained to the deputy chairman of the council, but since that post is vacant that avenue is close. “The only option left is to complain to the g overnor, ” Harip rasad said.


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