An anniversary that everyone wants to forget

With one year since coronavirus derailed life as we know it, this is an anniversary everyone would like to forget. Especially this apartment complex that recorded the first covid case in Bengaluru.

However, keeping the glass half full attitude, the apartment dwellers have called a lesson learned and have till date, followed the covid guidelines issued by the state.

Abhijit Shroff, president of the apartment complex association located on ECC Road in Whitefield, said, “We are a lot more vigilant and careful in terms of following the Covid-19 guidelines. We had set the protocols with guidance from the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). These protocols became a norm for many more apartments, as covid cases continued to rise across the city.” Residents said that the initial days of the pandemic were a real test for all. The residents recalled being afraid during the first fortnight and took maximum care. Over time, though the precautions continued, the fear subsided and hope increased.


Focusing on the positives, he added, “Teamwork was at its peak. The Residents Welfare Association (RWA) ensured that the residents ensured that residents didn’t have to step out and bulk ordered groceries. In fact, our real heroes have been our support staff who have stepped up to make sure all our essential services continue,” another resident added.

Additionally, with many cases of patients facing stigma from their neighbours, this apartment complex ensured patients don’t feel isolated when they returned from treatment.

One resident said, “We did two things; firstly, we made sure their identity was not revealed and second, we kept on updating their progress to the community. In general, no one blamed them. We also had welcome messages for them when they returned and made sure they did not have any unpleasant situation from the fellow residents.”

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