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BENGALURU: With incessant rain and dip in temperature, city doctors are coming across more people complaining of flu-like symptoms such as cold and cough. Only if they persist for more than three days do physicians suggest a Covid test.
According to Dr KR Bharat Kumar Reddy, a Bengaluru-based paediatric pulmonologist, upper respiratory infections and cases of flu are common in winter and rainy seasons. “These infections are transmitted more during winter. Though the viruses are always there, tolerance to the infection comes down during winter. That’s one of the reasons for the increase in cases. Weather does not cause infection,” explained Dr Reddy.
Though the symptoms mimic those of Covid, they are not Covid cases as the test positivity rate has seen no increase, say doctors. “The Covid situation in the state is reasonably stable and there is no sign of a rising graph. These could be non-Covid respiratory infections. Careful assessment by physicians is needed and they must take a call on Covid testing depending on the person’s condition,” said Dr MK Sudarshan, chairperson of Covid-19 Technical Advisory Committee.
That apart, doctors said during the rainy season, cases of influenza or para influenza or respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a common respiratory viral infection, are witnessed. These present with a runny nose/ cough. Cases of bronchiolitis because of RSV continue to be reported.
Dr Shivaprakash Sosale, joint secretary, Indian Academy of Pediatricians, Karnataka, said a Covid test needs to be done only if the cold, cough or fever lasts more than three days. “Parents must not send children to school if they have these symptoms. Flu also spreads from one person to another and parents must assess their child’s condition and seek help,” said Dr Sosale, who has been seeing 12-15 children with cold/ cough every day.

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