A tale of two dowry deaths in Bengaluru

Two women who co-incidentally, happened to get married on the same day met the same tragic fate.

In the first case, a 27-year-old woman married four months ago was found hanging from the ceiling at her house in Subramanyanagar on Saturday evening.

The deceased was identified as Bhuvana and her parents have filed a complaint with Subramanyanagar police alleging her husband Sagar of torturing her for dowry.

The police have booked Sagar for dowry death and are on the lookout for him.

IBhuvana’s father Nagaraja S told the police that his daughter was pursuing her MCA at a college in Mariyappanapalya when she fell in love with Sagar. “Though we were against Bhuvana’s decision of marrying Sagar, she was adamant and we gave in,” Nagaraja stated.

The couple’s got married at a temple in Nanjangud on August 28, 2020 and started living at a rented house in Laggere after which Bhuvana joined as a techie at an MNC while Sagar was jobless. “Sagar literally used to live on his wife’s earnings. He started taking loans and asked Bhuvana to bring money and gold ornaments from her home. He started beating her up as she wasn’t bringing any dowry from her house,” he added.

Bhuvana also learnt that her husband was having an illicit affair with a woman. On January 2, Bhuvana called her mother up and narrated her ordeal. In the afternoon, Bhuvana’s family found her hanging from a hook in the ceiling in her bedroom. There was no death note.


In another incident of dowry death in the city, Katyayani (29) died by suicide at her house in Srirampura with her parents alleging that her husband Shashidhar and his family members tortured her for dowry. According to Katyayani’s mother Padmamma, her daughter and Shashidhar got married at a temple in Channapatna on August 28, 2020. During the wedding, Katyayani’s parents gave her 150 gm of gold and Rs 50,000 later when Shashidhar had expressed concern that he had not been given anything in cash. Later, Shashidhar and his family members, including his father , mother and two sisters-in-law started harassing Katyayani for more cash. On January 3, Padmamma got a call from her daughter who narrated her ordeal. Later, Padmamma learnt that she had ended her life. They then approached the Srirampura police and filed a complaint based on which Katyayani’s husband and his family members, including two sisters-in-law have been booked for dowry death and further investigations are underway.

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