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The highest inoculation in the state is reported from Bengaluru Urban, which is inching towards 70%.

Bengaluru: In seven of Karnataka’s 30 districts, less than 30% of the eligible population has been administered at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine. Most of these districts are in north <keyword keytype=”Entertainment” smid=”-1″ usetype=”2″ seopath=”place/karnataka” msid=”59915326″ keyurl=”https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/karnataka” keywordseo=”karnataka” actualkeyword=”Karnataka”>Karnataka</keyword>, and authorities say availability, rather than hesitancy, is the issue. <br /> <br />Officials said they are planning their vaccination sessions subject to their supply and not capacity. Vaccines provided from the state government have been fully utilised, they added. <br /> <br /> <div data-type=”image” data-title=”7 K’taka districts report <30% vax coverage, red-flag supply” data-height=”900″ data-width=”1200″ data-msid=”84221851″ data-hostid=”83″ data-src=”/img/84221851/Master.jpg”><msid>84221851</msid></div> <br /><keyword keytype=”UnKnown” smid=”0″ usetype=”2″ keywordseo=”Haveri” actualkeyword=”Haveri”>Haveri</keyword> district is at the bottom of the heap, having covered just over 22% of the targeted population aged 18 years and above. <br /> <br />The highest inoculation in the state is reported from <keyword keytype=”person” smid=”0″ usetype=”2″ keywordseo=”Bengaluru-Urban” keynameseo=”Bengaluru-urban” actualkeyword=”Bengaluru urban”>Bengaluru Urban</keyword>, which is inching towards 70%. <br /> <br />“The problem is no more with vaccine hesitancy, especially in urban areas. We have no vaccines left,” said a district official in <keyword keytype=”UnKnown” smid=”0″ usetype=”2″ keywordseo=”Davanagere” keynameseo=”davanagere” actualkeyword=”davanagere”>Davanagere</keyword>, which has vaccinated 29.4% of the eligible population. <br /> <br /> <strong>Demand-supply gap hits vaccine drives<br /></strong> <br />In fact, after we started vaccinating college students, it has been tough to supply doses to health centres where the drive was going on for those aged 45 years and above.” Davangere gets its vaccine supply from Bengaluru via Chitradurga. While Davanagere has been supplied with 4.8 lakh doses so far, the district has in fact made use of 5.1 lakh doses, by achieving negative wastage. <br /> <br />“ The 11th dose of Covishield in each vial has been used without giving any scope for spillage. The healthcare workers have been trained in this regard and there is no vial opened unless there are enough beneficiaries at the spot waiting,” said a district official in Davanagere. <br /> <br />The situation is no different from Haveri, which has received close to 3.3 lakh doses from the state as of July 6 but has managed to make use of nearly 3.5 lakh doses by utilising the 11th dose in vials. “There is no vaccine wastage now, unlike the scenario in January, when there was vaccine hesitancy. We plan the drives based on vaccine supply… though our capacity is to vaccinate more than 15,000 people a day, the supply has not been adequate,” said Dr Raghavendra HS, district health officer of Haveri. <br /> <br />Supply has been skewed, hindering planning, especially when there is huge demand for vaccination, say health department officials. <br /> <br />“The matter has been raised multiple times and elected representatives have taken it up too. But given the limited supply, we ensure that vaccination is done only in a few centres every day through the token system so as to avoid crowds,” said an official. In Yadgir, efforts are on to change to convenient timings to cover more recipients. <br />



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