23.1°C Bengaluru’s highest April minimum temperature in 5 years | Bengaluru News – Times of India

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BENGALURU: Two days after recording its highest maximum temperature of 37.2 degrees celsius for March since 2017, the city on Thursday witnessed the highest minimum temperature of 23.1 degree celsius for April over the past five years.
CS Patil, director, Indian Meteorological Department, said: “We thought the temperature would touch 37 degrees celsius in May during the peak of summer. But, it could go up further.”
He explained, “The Bay of Bengal has a low pressure area so all the moisture is currently concentrated there and that’s why we’re not experiencing pre-monsoon showers. In addition, there are winds from the northern parts of the country.”
Winds from the north are known to be dry, pushing the mercury up. Over the next three days, Bengaluru’s maximum temperature could be between 36 and 38 degrees celsius. Almost all districts in northern parts of the state are recording temperatures above 35 degrees celsius.



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