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BENGALURU: A year after the government launched a common emergency number ‘112’, the police department has decided to hire manpower from private firms to operate the helpline’s command centre or Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in Bengaluru.
The Centre launched the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) to put in place an integrated emergency response system with a single emergency number (112) to address different exigencies of citizens. As part of the initiative, capital cities of all states will house a PSAP to respond to various emergencies using 112. The new 24/7 PSAP centre here is being designed to address all emergency signals received from citizens through voice call, SMS, e-mail, panic SOS signal, ERSS web portal and other features.
In Bengaluru, an ad hoc facility is already functioning, where all the calls made to 100 get diverted, but the new one will make the integrated number fully functional.
The police department has floated Rs 15-crore tender inviting companies to provide manpower for making the 24/7 PSAP operational to handle these emergency signals and provide assistance available to people within the best possible time with the help of police, fire & rescue, health services, etc. The firm will provide 157 people — 150 to attend calls, six floor coordinators and one project manager. Of the 150 call takers, 50 will work in each shift with two coordinators while the project manager will have a general shift. “The ERSS tracks the rescue and service vehicles of all services in real-time on a digital map of the state/UT. This will help direct the right vehicle to reach the spot in time,” the department said.
Once this facility is operational, all the existing emergency numbers like 100 (police), 101 (fire and rescue) and 108 (ambulance), 181 (woman and childcare) etc. will be integrated to 112.
Earlier, the Centre launched a mobile app called ‘112 India’ aimed at helping citizens to quickly raise a request for help when in an emergency, by pressing a button to send alert messages with location data and make an emergency call to 112. This new facility in the city will also aid the service agencies concerned to reach out to the requester quickly.
This will be the nerve centre of the 112 emergency helpline with smaller facilities expected to be set up in districts and commissionerates.

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