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Microsoft is working on a patent that will make it easier for players to access physical games on the Xbox series S. As per a report by GameRant, this new patent will allow players to validate any Xbox physical disc through an external disc drive on the Xbox series S, which only allows gamers to play games digitally from the dedicated store.
However, there is no information on whether this patent will allow players to permanently retain the digital edition of the game after the validation is over or it will allow the players to play the game only when the disc is verified. Microsoft is likely to use the later process as the other one will allow players to sell the disc after the authentication is done and will be able to play it even if the disc is not with them.
This patent can be a handy option, particularly for all the Xbox Series S players who also own a collection of Xbox One games that are just lying idle. It is important to consider that this patent is still under development and not all patents reach completion. Players will have to wait for Microsoft’s official announcement to confirm if this feature will be included in the Xbox Series S any time soon.
How can this patent help gamers?
Digital games are interactive programs for one or more players, meant to provide entertainment and more. These digital games adopt multiple systems from the ‘traditional’ games which include — rules, player representation and even an environment that is managed electronically. The gaming industry’s shift toward digital games is gradually becoming more evident. The latest flagship consoles from both Microsoft and Sony have also released digital editions of the same.
Xbox Series S is the digital edition of Microsoft’s Xbox series X that only allows disc-free gaming. Sony also has a digital variant of the PlayStation 5. Players can only download digital games on these variants as they don’t support a disc drive to run any physical copies.
Digital variants of these consoles are cheaper than physical variants. However, gamers who own physical copies of multiple games won’t be able to use a disc to run a game and will also have to sacrifice backwards compatibility.
Backward compatibility refers to a hardware or software system’s ability to successfully use interfaces and data from earlier versions of the system or with other systems. This was one of the main features that were highlighted for the latest physical consoles.
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