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Ubisoft has announced the release of the Rainbow Six Mobile game for Android and iOS platforms. The new game brings the core gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege to mobile devices. The mobile version of the game is also equipped with destructible environments and a wide range of specialist gadgets. This is also a 5v5 FPS attackers fighting defenders game that looks and plays similar to its console counterpart. The attacking team can use drones, explosives and several other offensive items to force their way through fortified positions built by the defending team.
Rainbow Six Mobile vs Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Mobile may look like a clone of the Rainbow Six Siege, but some notable changes distinguish the mobile and the console versions. The mobile version of the game is a best-of-three-rounds affair and the matches are shorter compared to the console one. The HUD has also been adjusted to work for mobile devices. Initially, players may have to choose from a smaller pool of maps and operators, but Ubisoft has confirmed that classic locations Bank and Border will be included in the mobile version of the game. The developers of this game have also mentioned that “the most popular Rainbow Six operators” will be present in the mobile game.

Operators included in Rainbow Six Mobile
The mobile version of the game will include these operators — Caveira, Bandit, Smoke, Valkyrie, Mute, Ash, Sledge, Twitch, Thermite and Hibana. All the operators will have the classic Siege loadout which will include primary and secondary weapons. Each operator will also have unique gadgets and equipment like — bulletproof shields, breaching charges and barbed wire to help their team. Most operators will sport a new look for Rainbow Six Mobile, while some of them will be almost identical to their console counterpart
Modes expected in Rainbow Six Mobile


The mobile version of the game will have shorter matches, but players can still expect the modes that are available in the console version. Ubisoft has confirmed that modes like Secure Area and Bomb will be included in Rainbow Six Mobile. The developers have also promised “several game modes” to be added before the launch, however, it has not shared any details of the modes other than the two classics.
Messsage from the developers of Rainbow Six Mobile
A team at Ubisoft Montreal has designed Rainbow Six Mobile specifically for Android and iOS. The company has not yet announced the official launch date of the mobile version but enthusiasts can register to play the game ahead of its launch. Rainbow Six Mobile will join the growing list of major console shooter games that are coming to mobile. Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends are also confirmed to arrive on mobile devices soon.

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