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NEW DELHI: Buying a home is a big deal in India for a vast majority of the population. It still remains an aspirational thing for many but imagine buying a home and not being able to choose which internet service provider you can use at your own home? Residents of some housing societies like Fusion Homes, Gaur City 2 Aishwaryam, AIG Park Avenue Gaur City, Panchsheel Greens 2 are among several others in Greater Noida region that are complaining that they do not have the luxury to choose Airtel, Reliance Jio or any other well-known ISPs. The builders are forcing them to use a local internet service provider called FusionNet Web Services.
While Fusion Homes residents have confirmed that they have no other option apart from using the services of FusionNet, they also said that residents of other nearby societies are also forced to use the same. They allege that builders are not allowing any other ISPs like Reliance Jio, Airtel or others to install cables and provide broadband internet service inside their societies.
Local internet service provider unable to meet increased demand due to lockdown
Some residents have been fighting since 2019 to have their right to choose their own ISP. The situation, however, seems to have taken a turn for the worst during — and since — the lockdown. Due to the pandemic, most residents are working from home and taking online classes. The sudden rise in the demand of reliable internet speeds have crippled the services of the local ISP. Some residents claim that while they managed with the limited internet speeds provided by the local ISP earlier, it has become frustrating after lockdown as FusionNet is simply not able to provide reliable internet speeds. It is affecting the productivity of the parents at work and also kids are not able to take online classes properly.
“Since lockdown most of the residents are working from home and students are taking online classes so we should have the option to choose better. Competition gives good prices and quality services,” the residents at Fusion Home told The Times of India-Gadgets Now.
“There is a nexus between builders and the local internet service provider and that is the reason why no other proper ISPs like Airtel or Jio is allowed to enter our society,” the residents added.
The Times of India–Gadgets Now reached out to several officials of Fusion Homes over email for a comment. But they did not respond.
No response from builder despite direct order by the district magistrate

Helpless residents went ahead with their complaints to local MLA Tejpal Nagar in Dadri constituency. Responding to the plight of the residents, the MLA knocked the doors of Gautam Budha Nagar district magistrate to help them. The DM was quick to intervene and issued an order to discontinue this unfair treatment of residents and directed the builders to allow residents choose the ISP they want as it’s against the Competition Act 2002. The order was passed on August 22, 2020, however, the builder is yet to acknowledge it.
Here’s the copy of the order issuded by the DM office:

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