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Do you remember the old days of playing games on Facebook’s website? While things were simpler online, you can try to revive it as pre-registration of FarmVille 3 is officially open on Android. The game will also come to iOS devices on the same day, November 4.
More than 10 years ago, FarmVille made a few people very “rich”. As one of the most popular Facebook games, FarmVille doesn’t need any introduction, even though we haven’t really heard about the franchise in quite a long time.
9to5Mac reports that Zynga has decided to revive the FarmVille franchise, so fans and newcomers to the series will be able to play a new game as early as November. This agriculture-simulation social game is now reaching its third version with more than 150 breeds of animals to collect and nurture alongside a cast of farmhands to help users build and personalize their own unique farms.
Bernard Kim, President of Publishing at Zynga, told the media at an event, “Twelve years ago, FarmVille burst onto the gaming scene, creating a loyal following that has drawn over 700 million installs for the FarmVille series worldwide. We are thrilled to open pre-registration for FarmVille 3. The game has been uniquely designed to captivate the imagination of the many players who have enjoyed FarmVille over the past decade, as well as the enthusiasm of a new generation of gamers.”

New additions and Comebacks
Zynga revealed that in the first two weeks after the launch, players who download the game will receive a special starter kit that contains interactive welcome features, such as decorative elements and the ‘Early Bird profile picture’, designed to help players personalize their in-game country homestead.
Returning to the franchise is the fan-favourite character Marie, who will guide and greet both the FarmVille 3 community and new players looking to set up land for the very first time. Marie will be accompanied by a cast of more than 30 diverse farmhands. Each character will be equipped with handy skills such as baking, fishing, lumberjacking, and crafting to help players on their farm-building journey.
The next installment in the FarmVille series will feature over 150 breeds of animals ranging from chickens and cows to exotic new pets such as friendly tigers and fluffy alpacas. In FarmVille 3 players will be encouraged to adopt, nurture and raise baby animals including chicks, lambs, piglets and many more creatures. In return, players will be rewarded with unique farm items to help them along their journey.
FarmVille 3 will also have weather changes. Players will be able to check the in-game weather forecast and use it to their advantage to boost the yield of their next harvest or fishing trip. The game is free-to-play and will let you connect to Facebook play together with other people who will connect their Facebook accounts to FarmVille 3.


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