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An external hard drive is a portable device that provides supplemental storage. Most of our everyday lives revolve around computers and the data that is stored in them. These devices help us to store and transfer data in a safe and secure way. Hard drives also help you to free up space on the machine you are working on,
While there are many external hard drives available in the market, only a few offer good data transfer speed. As the Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021 sale is live, you can buy external hard drives that offer good data transfer speed with up to 50% discount. Here are a few that you can buy.
Seagate Backup Plus: Available at Rs 3,799 (original price Rs 5,999)
Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB External HDD is a slim and compact external hard drive. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Plus, it offers features like automatic backup, data recovery services and more.
SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD: Available at Rs 15,899 (original price Rs 32,500)
This SSD external drive is good for those looking for a portable external drive with high speed data transfer. This SSD is among the fastest external hard drives available. It claims to offer 1050 mbps read and 1000 mbps write speed. The drive works with both Windows and Mac and it also offers hardware encryption for added security. Easy backup feature comes as standard and it also works with smartphones via USB Type-C cable
Western Digital WD 1TB My Passport: Available at Rs 3,699 (original price Rs 8,120)
This is a good option for those who want an external hard drive with a good set of features. Western Digital WD 1TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive not only comes with automatic backup feature, but it also offers features like 256-bit AED hardware encryption and software-based password protection.
Seagate Expansion: Available at Rs 3,899 (original price Rs 5,299)
This is a good option for those looking for an affordable 1.5TB harddrive with backup feature. Seagate Expansion 1.5 TB External HDD might not be as slim as the Seagate Backup Plus, but it offers almost every feature at an affordable price. The drive is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and supports USB 3.0 data transfer. It also comes with automatic backup and data recovery features.
Toshiba Canvio Ready: Available at Rs 3,399 (original price Rs 6,900)
This hard drive offers transfer rates up to 5 gb/s and can store up to 1TB data. Toshiba Canvio Ready includes ramp load design that prevents damage to the disk while mobile and the company claims it has a shock sensor that will cut the power to protect data in the event of physical stress.

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