Google Confirms Pixel 6a, Pixel 7 Phones Will Soon Get 5G Update In India

Pixel 6a and the new Pixel 7 phones will support 5G in India

Google has launched its new Pixel 7 series and the Pixel 6a in India that support 5G networks but they are not compatible with Indian 5G networks as of now.

Google Pixel 6a and the new Pixel 7 smartphones will soon be getting a new update that will enable a 5G network on these devices in India. The company has confirmed that it is actively working with the Indian telecom operators to allow the 5G functionality on its Pixel devices in the country.

“Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and Pixel 6a are 5G capable devices. We are actively working with the Indian carriers to enable functionality at the earliest,” a Google spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday. Interestingly, Google has not given a concrete timeline as to when these Pixel phones will be able to run 5G in the country.

Google has launched a slew of Pixel phones in India this year, which includes the Pixel 6a mid-range version. The company has also introduced its first Pixel flagships in the country for the first time in three years with the new Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro smartphones. The new Pixel 7 series has launched in India for a starting price of Rs 59,999 and you get them in single 128GB storage variants. The Pixel 7 series will go on sale in India on October 13.


5G was launched in India on October 1 by PM Modi on the sidelines of the Indian Mobile Congress event. Airtel and Jio have announced their respective 5G services that are available in select cities for now.

Google, Apple, and Samsung are some of the handset makers who are yet to upgrade their 5G-compatible devices to run the 5G networks in India. The Indian government has sought a reply from these companies, which seems to have triggered the chain of responses from Apple and Google this week. Samsung is also expected to share its update on when its devices will be offering 5G services in India.

Brands like Xiaomi, Realme, and OnePlus among others have already started supporting 5G networks in India, with a few of their models yet to receive the OTA update from the handset maker which will enable 5G on their phones.

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