Best Wallpaper Apps for Android Phones

Best Wallpaper Apps – Sometimes, just changing your phone wallpaper can freshen things up considering more phones are increasingly starting to look and feel the same when it comes to aesthetics and software.

Finding the right wallpaper can be quite the take if you don’t know where to look. Here, we tell you about the five best wallpaper apps you need to check out for your Android phone.

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Best Wallpaper Apps List

1) Backdrops

Backdrops are go-to wallpaper apps for many as not only does it offer a simple, clutter-free UI, but it also offers some of the best-curated community wallpapers. Every couple of days, new wallpapers are added to the app for absolutely free with one caveat.

You can’t download the wallpapers if you don’t buy the Pro version of the app but you can apply the wallpaper right from the all itself, which shouldn’t be an issue at all. Additionally, buying Pro also unlocks the exclusive wallpaper collection. The backdrop offers something for everyone with minimalist, colorful and artsy wallpapers on offer.

2) Wallstack

Wallstack offers a plethora of categories, with aesthetic, anime, gradient, abstract, gaming and artwork, etc. to choose from. It was observed that they all don’t show ads despite being free and that makes for a clean, annoyance-free experience.

The wallpapers are excellent as well. In fact, you’d be spoilt for choice. And unlike, Backdrops, you can download wallpapers even in the free version, and apply wallpaper, you can either save wallpapers on your device and then apply or simply apply on the lock screen and home screen or perhaps both.


3) Doodle: Live Wallpapers

Love the live wallpapers from the Google Pixel smartphone? Well, using Doodle: Live Wallpapers, you can get Pixel-Esque live wallpapers on any Android phone.

The wallpapers follow Google’s Material You design language, so they should fit comfortably with almost any Android device. Additionally, the app offers custom features like Parallax adjustments, shapes, and sizes of elements.

4) Google Wallpapers

If you want to stick to a Google-only experience, the default Google Wallpapers app now offers an extensive collection of artistic wallpapers in different categories. On Android 12 and 13, the app offers wallpaper colors, using which you can change the accent color of your phone based on the current wallpaper.

Collections like texture, landscapes, Google arts, and culture are some of our go-to favorites.

5) Abstract

As the name suggests, the app offers abstract wallpapers by the artist Hampus Ollson, who also happens to be the creator behind some of OnePlus Oxygen OS wallpapers.

Despite having mostly paid wallpapers, the ones that are free alone make the app worth a download if you own an Android smartphone.

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