WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Live Results: Roman Reigns retains Universal Title, knocks out Kevin Owens

Reigning WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns knocked out Kevin Owens in a Last Man Standing match at the WWE Royal Rumble 2021 to retain his title on Sunday. Owens handcuffed Reigns low to a steel pole and Reigns couldn’t stand up towards the end of the clash.  

Referee’s count went up to nine but Reigns pushed the ref on to the steel and knocked him out. Low blow to Owens followed and Paul Heyman unhooked Reign. New official came in followed by a gullotine chock hold on Owens by Reigns and it seemed Owens was knocked out. 

Earler, Bianca Belair from Knoxville in Tennessee eliminated Rhea Ripley to win the WWE women’s Royal Rumble 2021. She is going to Wrestlemania after entering at No.3 and having won her first Rumble, surviving a record time.  

Belair and Ripley worked together and beat down Charlotte Flair. Charlotte fought back and tossed Belair around. She faced Rhea Ripley and they brawled in the middle of the ring. Charlotte and Ripley both tried their best to eliminate each other. Charlotte went for a big boot, but Rhea dumps her over the top. Charlotte hung on, but Bianca hit her with an elbow and Rhea and Bianca both throw her out of the ring.   

Bianca and Rhea ended up as the final two. Bianca was busy crowing over Charlotte, but Rhea tries to throw her out. They both went out on the apron but they come to an understanding and get back in the ring to fight. Belair almost eliminated Ripley, as she hung on.  

Meanwhile, the WWE Royal Rumble 2021 got off to an explosive start with champion Drew McIntyre defending his title against Goldberg. In a hard-hitting, power-packed clash, it almost seemed as if Goldberg would once again become the new WWE Champion. But Drew McIntyre dug deep and pinned Goldberg after hitting the Claymore to retain his title.   

Sasha Banks retained the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship via submission beating Carmella with the Banks Statement.   

Even before the bell, action started outside the ring as Drew McIntyre performed a spear on Goldberg and Goldberg put McIntyre through a barricade outside the ring. The match finally started with McIntyre back in the ring who hit Goldberg with the Claymore only for him to kick-out, to the utter shock of the WWE Champion.   

Recovering from that, Goldberg went on to deliver multiple spears and hit Drew McIntyre with the Jackhammer. McIntyre kicked-out of the Jackhammer and delivered a Claymore kick to Goldberg to finally pin him and retain his title after a hard-hitting quick match.   

After the match, Goldberg came up to McIntyre and the two shared a genuine hug and a moment of respect. The Hall of Famer raised his hands before leaving the ring.   

The men’s Royal Rumble match is set to main event the pay-per-view and the opponent for Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 37 could be revealed later.

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