Pakistan legend Shoaib Akhtar bowls at Islamabad club, fans get nostalgic – WATCH

Pakistan legend Shoaib Akhtar on Wednesday (October 6) returned to the cricket field as the former pacer was seen bowling in a new ground at the Islamabad Club.

Known during the height of his playing career as ‘The Rawalpindi Express’ for his fearsome bowling speed which was clocked at more than 161kph (100.3mph) during the 2003 World Cup match against India, the 46-year-old Pakistani posted a video of him bowling on social media. He also appealed for an LBW dismissal but the on-field umpire denied it.

“It was fun bending the back after a long time at this beautiful new ground at the Islamabad Club,” Akhtar wrote on his Twitter handle while sharing the video.

Meanwhile, fans got nostalgic after seeing Akhtar back on the field. Here’s how they reacted:

Akhtar retired from international cricket back in 2011 and picked up 444 international wickets in 224 matches in his illustrious career.

Notably, the speedster was also part of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008 and he played for the Kolkata Knight Riders. He used to be the one of the fastest bowlers in the world and has clocked the 100 mph mark twice.

Recently, Akhtar made the headlines when he shared his thoughts on New Zealand abandoning their tour to Pakistan. The Pakistan legend issued a stern warning to the Black Caps ahead of Babar Azam-led Men in Green’s face-off versus the Kiwis in the forthcoming T20 World Cup, in the UAE.

“So England also refuses. Its ok guys, see you all at the T20 World Cup.  Specially @BLACKCAPS. Ab painja laganay ka time aa gaya hai. Chorna nahi hai ab @babarazam,” Akhtar tweeted. Here’s the video where Akhtar has a message for Babar & Co. to take fitting revenge from the Kiwis.

For the unversed, both Pakistan and New Zealand are in the same group (Pool 2) in the T20 World Cup. While the group’s most-promising match was supposed to be India-Pakistan’s face-off, the encounter between Black Caps and the Men in Green will also be a fiery affair given how things folded up with the New Zealand-Pakistan series, in the Asian country.

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