MS Dhoni’s luxurious lifestyle: From swanky cars to superbike collection, top 5 expensive things owned by CSK skipper

MS Dhoni is a top-notch player and his staggering record at both international circuit and the Indian Premier League is a reflection of his dominance in the 22-yard pitch. The wicketkeeper-batsman, who hung his boots from international cricket, still remains a fans’ favourite and is now only seen during the cash-rich T20 league donning the yellow Chennai Super Kings jersey. 

Since the suspension of IPL due to COVID-19, Dhoni has been spending some quality time with wife Sakshi and daughter Ziva at his farmhouse, situated on the outskirts of Ranchi. Dhoni has been doing some farming, which includes strawberries, and has also bought of set of horses for his stable at the farmhouse. 

Today we take a look into Dhoni’s farmhouse, where he has dedicated a particular area to his swanky cars and the superbikes collection and see what are the five-most expensive things owned by the CSK skipper. 

Porche 911

The former Team India skipper owns a Porche 911, whose value is estimated to be above Rs 2 crores. As per a report in the Financial Express, the grand ride can speed up from 0-100 in less than five seconds and is priced at around Rs 2.50 crore.  

Ferrari 599 GTO 

Dhoni’s exclusive garage of luxurious and supercars also features, Ferrari 599 GTO, which is priced at around Rs 1.39 crore. The heavy machinery comes with a powerful V12 engine, which generates 661bhp and 620Nm torque. As per reports, the car was presented to the former India cricketer as a token of appreciation after he led India to their second World Cup glory in 2011.

Confederate Hellcat X132   

Dhoni is ardent bike-lover, a fact that is well-known among his fans. The CSK skipper also rides the Confederate Hellcat X132, which was bought by the cricketer in 2018 for Rs 27 lakh. The bike is the heaviest among others across the globe and has a 2.2-liter V-Twin engine, which can generate up to 132 horsepower.

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Dhoni's car collection

MS Dhoni added the classic Pontiac Firebird Trans Am to his collection in 2020. His wife Sakshi had also given fans a glimpse of the beauty on Instagram, which as per reports was purchased by the cricketer for Rs 68 lakhs. 

Hummer H2  

Dhoni's hummer

MS Dhoni is also among the few cricketers, who owns the muscular Hummer H2, and the Ranchi-based cricketer has often taken out this beat for a ride in his hometown. The price of Hummer H2 is worth around Rs 72 lakh.


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