India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup 2021: Harbhajan Singh tells Shoaib Akhtar, ‘Pakistan should give walkover to India’

There is no love lost between India and Pakistan when it comes to action on the cricket field. The arch-rivals and neighbours will once again face off against each other on October 24 in a T20 World Cup 2021 fixture in Dubai.

The war of words has already begun on both the sides with official broadcasters Star Sports also chipping in with the launch of ‘Mauka, Mauka’ campaign. Virat Kohli’s Indian side will look to maintain their unbeaten World Cup record against Babar Azam’s Pakistan.

Former India off-spinner Harbhajan Singh took a dig at the Pakistan team in his own hilarious way. The 40-year-old revealed his conversation with former Pakistan speedster Shoaib Akhtar. Harbhajan said that he told Akhtar Pakistan have no chance of defeating India and the Men-in-Green should give a walkover.

“I have told Shoaib Akhtar, what is the point of Pakistan playing, you should give us a walkover, you will play, you will again lose, you will be upset. Our team is very solid, very strong, they will easily beat you guys,” Harbhajan Singh said on Star Sports.

Kolkata Knight Riders office Harbhajan and Akhtar have been engaged in several on-field altercations during their playing days. During the Indo-Pak clash in the 2010 Asia Cup, the Indian off-spinner even smashed Akhtar for a famous six during the course of his match-winning cameo. Although the two foes became friends later, Harbhajan didn’t miss out in pulling Akhtar’s leg.

The off-spinner’s claim indeed makes sense as Pakistan somehow haven’t been able to beat India once in World Cup events. The two sides have met 12 World Cup matches – 7 in ODIs and 5 in T20Is – and India emerged victorious every single time. Babar’s men will have the onus to defy history this time around.

With stalwarts like Shaheen Shah Afridi, Mohammad Rizwan, and Mohammad Hafeez in ranks, Pakistan have named a pretty formidable squad. The last meeting between the two side was in the group stage of the 2019 World Cup. It was a cakewalk for India as they comfortably won the rain-curtailed clash by 89 runs.


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