Police will send dummy to expose corruption in booking drunk driving cases in Bengaluru

Police will send a dummy to expose corruption in booking drunk driving cases in Bengaluru
In an effort to disprove accusations of corruption in the handling of Drunk and Driving (DD) cases, Bengaluru police have chosen to send dummy cases. In addition, body cameras have been made a requirement for all patrolling employees by Police Commissioner B. Dayanand.
In order to reduce accidents and ensure road safety, sub-inspectors, and assistant sub-inspectors were previously instructed to perform special drives and book DD cases. Apparently, this resulted in widespread corruption. Police officers are accused of taking cash from criminals after threatening to file charges that might result in a $10,000 fine and the seizure of the vehicle. To pay the fee and receive the vehicle back, the offender had to appear in court.
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The Traffic Department modified tactics to combat corruption. Only inspectors were given the authority to book DD cases. Inspectors also had to let seniors about the time and location of the special drive, which may happen twice a week. Police officers are instructed to wear body cameras when on such drives and treat drivers with professionalism to minimize needless confrontations, the officer said.

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