A passenger from Bengaluru discovers a cockroach on their Air India dinner.

Bengaluru passenger founds cockroach on their Air India food

A passenger from Bengaluru discovers a cockroach on their Air India dinner.

During a recent voyage on an Air India flight from Bengaluru to New Delhi, a frequent traveler had a terrible shock. Entrepreneur Praveen Vijay Singh, who is located in Bengaluru, didn’t see the dead cockroach in his lunch until after he had finished the sambar that was given to him.

What’s worse is that the purser (chief flight attendant) told him to eat it after he complained about it and called it a curry leaf!

To make up for the unpleasant experience, Air India offered to reimburse the flyer’s entire ticket price, but he declined the offer.

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On August 22, the incident occurred on board flight AI 513, which departed from Kempegowda International Airport at 7:05 a.m. According to Vijay Singh, co-founder of an IT and telecom company situated in the city’s Sahkar Nagar, TNIE. “I am a devout vegetarian, so I asked for an idli, sambar, and croissant for breakfast.

After seeing something odd, I ate sambar with the idli and spat it out. I discovered a dead cockroach on their Air India flight, to my horror. I alerted the flight purser over the phone. The purser argued that it was a curry leaf, not a cockroach and that I should eat it, much to my great amazement.

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