Watch Five More Minutes Movie [ 2021 ]

Watch Five More Minutes Movie [ 2021 ]

Five More Minutes Movie: The story of Clara, who wishes she had more time with her late grandfather at Christmas. Her holiday wish seems to come true as she comes across his journal and reflects on her time with him.

Story Line

Chicago-based state-funded school artistry instructor Clara Bingham is going to Fayetteville, North Carolina for Christmas to help her mom, Bonnie Bingham, at the family store, Candy Cane Confectionary, following the new passing of its organizer and co-administrator, Clara’s fatherly granddad Jerry Bingham. Clara is miserable not to have had the valuable chance to say her farewells to him, he who to a great extent molded her life, particularly his way of thinking that one’s desires are in one’s heart expressed out loud.


Prior to going to Fayetteville, Clara startlingly finds two things: that her teacher sweetheart, Blake, was going to propose to her, something that left her inclination unfortunate as opposed to blissful, and he not having done so just on the situation of the time; and that in spite of being named one of her teachers of the year, she is being laid off toward the finish of this school year in slices to human expressions program and she is not having rank.

The Binghams’ aggregate stories are molded by Fayetteville being nearby Fort Bragg: Jerry served in the Korean War, Clara’s dad/Bonnie’s significant other was killed in a fight abroad, and Clara’s most memorable love, Logan, was likewise in the military. It wasn’t the way that Logan was sent abroad that prompted them to separate, yet he had proactively followed up on the wrong choice to enroll before he told her. In Fayetteville, Clara runs into Logan, who, subsequent to arriving at the position of Lieutenant Colonel, left well-trained a year prior and is currently a reservist.

Clara and Logan wind up getting to know each other, somewhat in their sleuthing together in Clara’s disclosure of a diary Jerry kept when he was a young fellow, it discussing an adoration with an obscure lady named Martha, for example, she not being who finished as Clara’s grandma.


In a flash actually existing between Clara and Logan, what occurs between them is impacted by what they find in regards to Jerry’s sentiment toward Martha, and Clara finding out about the narrative of Jay, the off-kilter young fellow Clara recruited spontaneously to help at the store.

Five More Minutes Movie Full Cast

Actor NameCharacter Name
Nikki DeloachClara Bingham
David Haydn-JonesLogan
Sherry MillerBonnie Bingham
Alexander JonesJay
Leanne LappKelly
Serge HoudeEdward

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