Traffic police to re-launch monthly public interactions in city from next month

Following the success of Janasamparka Divasa, Bengaluru Police Commissioner Kamal Pant has directed the traffic police to resume public interactions.

The initiative, which will give people a chance to discuss traffic-related grievances and other issues with the police, will be launched in December. “We are planning to hold it on the second Saturday of every month,” said a senior police official.

During a recent social media interaction with citizens, Mr. Pant was flooded with queries and suggestions related to traffic. He discussed this with Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) B.R. Ravikanthe Gowda who in turn directed the police stations to start the initiative.

As per the directions, inspectors in-charge will invite motorists, members of RWAs and owners of commercial establishments to these interactive sessions. All the issues that come up for discussion, complaints and grievances will be recorded. “The in-charges of stations should also make efforts to return the seized goods and vehicles to owners during the sessions after obtaining due permission from the court,” Mr. Pant said via a circular.

The police should also update the status of the complaint to the complainants and should provide valid reason if there is a delay in the investigation.


“There are around 44 traffic stations and such interactive meetings are essential as it will help us understand the needs of motorists,” said M Narayan, DCP Traffic east, adding that the during the interactions the police will also spread awareness on the need to follow road rules and lane discipline.

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