Mobile units for door-to-door triaging on anvil

BBMP wants to roll out at least one mobile triage unit at each of the141 primary health centres (PHCs) by the end of the month

After setting a target to administer 30 lakh vaccine doses over 30 days, the BBMP has set another – to ensure 100% physical triaging of all those who test positive for COVID-19. To this end, in all likelihood it will roll out at least one mobile triage unit attached to each of the 141 primary health centres (PHCs) in the city by the month-end.

Cognizant of the limitations of tele-triage and bed blocking/admission happening without physical examination of those who have tested for COVID-19, it was just around a month ago that the BBMP established its commitment of moving towards mandatory physical triaging, apart from enabling these centres to block beds and facilitate admission of patients to CCC/ hospitals.

BBMP Special Commissioner (Health) D. Randeep told The Hindu that already, over 50% of hospital admissions are happening through these centres. All the 14 wards under Rajarajeshwarinagar zone have mobile triage units, while nearly 60% of patients in Mahadevapura zone are admitted in hospitals after a physical triage. Before the third wave hits, the civic body is working towards ensuring 100% admissions happen only after physical triage. “If and when the cases increase, more mobile units may be added,” he said.


A death audit recently showed that 910 COVID-19 patients, who were in home isolation, had died. These deaths, the official said, could have been due to wrong classification during tele-triage. Patients may have not divulged complete details of their health condition or co-morbid conditions or the patients’ condition may have deteriorated during home isolation, said officials. “This is why physical triaging becomes important. Before the next wave is here, we hope to have more mobile triage units in place,” said Mr. Randeep. The Ward Decentralised Triage and Emergency Response (DETER) Committees, which will soon be activated, will also be attached to the PHCs.

At the peak of the second wave, there were over 50 physical triage centres. However, following the drop in cases and daily number of those testing positive, the number of centres was reduced to 16. To ensure 100% physical triaging of COVID-19 patients, the Central Hospital Bed Management System (CHBMS) had also been tweaked. Under the upgraded version, patient details can be captured and beds, if needed, can be booked at the physical triage centres itself.

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