Minto hospital releases dos and don’ts ahead of Deepavali


Ahead of Deepavali, Minto Ophthalmic Hospital has released a list of dos and don’ts on Friday to prevent mishaps. Despite green crackers being advocated over others by the Government, doctors have warned that they are not totally chemical free.

The hospital, in a statement, said that though there has been a “drastic reduction” in the use of firecrackers, firecracker injuries ranging in severity from mild superficial to severe sight threatening continue to be reported. “It is not just the reveller who suffers injury, but the innocent bystander also suffers in more than half the cases. Over 40% of those injured are children under the age of 14,” it said.

Explaining that firecrackers are known to cause thermal, mechanical and chemical injuries, Minto hospital has said that green crackers are not completely safe and sans chemicals, though the percentage may be low. Complete prevention is the best alternative, which is to ban crackers completely, doctors have said.

Dr. Sujatha Rathod, director, Minto Hospital, said at the press conference that there was no material available to prove that green crackers do not cause harm to the eyes. “Even if they are known as green crackers, there will be some amount of chemicals in them,” she said.

Asked if the number of eye injuries reported at the hospital have reduced over the years, she said the last 10 years have seen 45 to 65 injuries being reported during the festive season.


Dos and don’ts

For those who still wish to burst firecrackers, the hospital has advised keeping a bucket of water, hose and a first aid kit handy, along with using a long taper to light crackers rather than bending down close to it, using a large open area to burst firecrackers, wearing closed footwear, keeping infants indoors, and immersing used firecrackers in a bucket of water before disposing.

Doctors have warned not to wear loose clothing, let children light crackers without adult supervision, attempt to reignite crackers that didn’t burst, lighting crackers while it is in the hand, and burst them indoors.

“Do not apply any cream or ointment or oil on burnt areas. In case of injury to the eyes, do not panic. Do not attempt to wash the eye, rub it or self medicate. Cover the eye gently with clean handkerchief and rush to the nearest ophthalmologist or eye hospital,” the release added.

Emergency services at Minto will be open 24×7. The helpline number is 9480832430.

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