Karnataka among top five most visited States: Survey

After the big blow that COVID-19 lent to the tourism industry, it was predicted that domestic tourism would see a boom, given the numerous restrictions that travel and movement of people in general has in place.

Digital travel platform Agoda announced the results of its ‘Indiagenous Travel Survey 2021,’ according to which Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh were the top five most visited States/Union Territories.

The online survey had a total sample size of 1,448 adults and fieldwork was undertaken between September 21 and 27, 2021. It was launched as part of Agoda’s Indiagenous travel campaign that aims to showcase the diversity and beauty of India through social and digital media content partnering with influencers to shine a spotlight on great food, art, heritage, and the natural beauty spots across the country. Delhi ranked first (48%), followed by Maharashtra (40%), Karnataka (31%), and Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh as the most visited States or Union Territories across India.

“North Indians’ top three destinations are within the region, with 73% having visited the number one spot, Delhi; 58% taking to Uttar Pradesh, and 46% to Haryana. South Indians travelled most within the South Indian region. Tamil Nadu took number one spot with 66%, Karnataka at number two with 57% and number three, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala with 55%,” it said.


Reacting to the survey results, Sanjar Imam from the Karnataka Tourism Forum said it was possible by virtue of the size of the State. “It could also be from spiritual tourism across the strata of tourism. If it is purely about leisure tourism, then I doubt it. Compared to other states and given the potential of Karnataka, not enough has been done. What is required is a sustained marketing campaign over a period of time. Usually, it happens in spurts and fades away from memory,” he added.

But the recently concluded festival seasons have brought good news to the State. There was a definite increase in numbers during the Dasara and Deepavali periods, Mr. Imam said. “People have been pushing off trips to when they can get several days off. The timing was right: COVID-19 numbers were low, vaccinations are increasing, and there were long holidays. Earlier, when the lockdown lifted, short weekend trips were in vogue,” he said, adding that Kodagu, Chikmagalur and Kabini were the most sought after destinations.

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