Chief Secretary-led panel to draft policy to end Bengaluru’s parking woes

The State government on Tuesday set up a committee headed by the Chief Secretary to look into parking woes in Bengaluru and prepare an upgraded parking policy to ease the problem. The draft policy will include quantum of parking fee, method of collection and other guidelines.

“Currently the city has smart parking in about 80 to 85 locations and it was felt that a similar facility has to be established in other pars. A new policy is being envisaged to prevent inconvenience due to haphazard parking. Tough measures have become a necessity,” BDA Chairman S.R. Vishwanath told presspersons here after attending a high-level meeting chaired by Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa on the issue.

Mr. Vishwanath pointed out that though Bengaluru has a higher registration of vehicles compared to Chennai, Kolkota or Delhi, it does not have good parking facility. “Parking in front of homes on either side of the road has turned out to be a bane. For months, cars are covered and parked. This has to end,” he added.

Suggestions have been made that vacant sites in residential localities could be used for parking after the BBMP enters into an understanding with site owners. “In the light of multilevel car parking not being used, suggestions have been made to ban parking in one kilometre of their radius so that car owners utilise the designated space,” he added.


Another suggestion was seeking commitment letters from vehicle owners before being allowed to purchase the vehicle. “They should give letter stating they have parking facilities to be allowed to purchase vehicle,” he added.

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