BTS should focus on turbulence-hit agriculture sector: Vice President

M. Venkaiah Naidu says, ‘Innovations should be for the happiness of people of all sections’


Communities who depend on the agriculture sector are going through turbulent times due to market disruptions and climatic changes, and therefore tech expositions like Bengaluru Technology Summit (BTS) should focus on innovations to solve the woes of these people, said Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu in Bengaluru on November 17.

“I would like this summit to focus more on agriculture, which is the basic culture of our country and also across the globe. So, you must come out with scientific ideas and tech innovations, which will bring happiness and changes in the lives of people of all sections,” he said at the inaugural session of BTS 2021, the annual tech event.

He said Bengaluru and India are ‘happening places’ in terms of technology innovations for the entire globe. “I would like to remind the people that the basic philosophy of India is share and care. So, we should share knowledge, share success stories and also share our experiences with the world around, and continue to come out with new ideas and new innovations.

“Eventually, knowledge, research, development, technology, IT, BT and everything should be for the happiness of the people, that was the ultimate goal.”

Vice President Naidu said policies and programmes were decided by Parliament. But, at the end of the day, delivery, reaching out to the people is the most important thing. “For that, we must take advantage of tech advancements and constantly look for new ideas,” he said.

“Active private sector participation is essential in generating jobs and also to bring in real transformation throughout the country.”


He urged entrepreneurs and private sector players to actively participate in creating more jobs by launching innovative ideas and applications that would lead to a digital revolution and technological transformation throughout the country.

“Transformation of the nation and betterment of our people is our goal. I hope all of you will focus your attention on this in the coming three days and come out with wonderful solutions to make people succeed in their lives and also help them achieve something good for the common man.”

Delegates at the launch of the 24th edition of Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS 2021), the flagship IT event of the government of Karnataka, in Bengaluru on November 17, 2021.
| Photo Credit: K. MURALI KUMAR


Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said his government is committed to creating a new order through innovations that has the potential to touch every section of the societal pyramid.

Even the most intelligent person with scientific aptitude uses only 15 to 20% of the brain. There is a huge potential to unleash ‘brainpower’ through artificial intelligence and innovative thinking.

“Bengaluru is one place where we can see maximum brainpower in exhibits. We invite all innovators with open arms and open hearts to come, innovate and participate. Success is a small world, but achievement is something much larger. I am looking at bigger and specific takeaways from BTS this time. This event should be something that touches the entire ecosystem,” said the Chief Minister.

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