After Eight Yrs, Mysuru Zoo Welcomes Three Lion Cubs

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Four-year-old Nirbhaya became the proud mother of three cubs, much to the delight of the authorities at the Mysuru Zoo

MYSURU: It’s another feather in the cap for Mysuru Zoo authorities. This time, the facility has bred lions with a lioness giving birth to three cubs the previous week.
All three cubs are healthy and their movements are being regularly tracked by the zoo keepers. The zoo staffers have stopped visiting the area frequently as the lioness, Nirbhaya, is wary of any movement near the enclosure.
Nirbhaya had stopped taking food in the initial days due to the movement of keepers to clean the area and to provide them with food. Because of the same reason, the staffers have stopped cleaning for a week. This is for the first time the four-year-old has given birth and she is taking care of the cubs well and feeding regularly. The cubs’ movements too are being watched.
The zoo authorities are happy because lions had not been bred in about one decade. The number of lions at the zoo, established in 1892, is less compared to other carnivore animals (tigers and leopards). According to the zoo’s latest newsletter, the leopards’ number is close to two dozen, while that of tigers is 15. The number of lions is just three, including one male. The birth of three lions has increased the figure to six.
Ajit Kulkarni, executive director of Mysuru Zoo, said the previous week, Nirbhaya delivered three healthy cubs, and the mother is taking care of its cubs well. He told TOI that the zoo has not bred lions for more than eight years. The executive director claimed that over 85% of animals housed and displayed at the zoo have bred successfully. Currently, the zoo has exhibited 150 different species. In all, it has 1,450 individual animals, birds, and reptiles.

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