Minimum charge for aggregator autos in Bengaluru breaches Rs 100 | Bengaluru News

BENGALURU: While the minimum autorickshaw fare in the city is fixed at Rs 30 for the first 2km and Rs 15 for every kilometer thereafter, aggregators have hiked the minimum charge in the city to Rs 100.
Around 1 pm (non-peak hour) Wednesday, TOI checked the fare for a distance of 1km in three different apps: Ola, Uber, and Rapido. Ola showed a total fare of Rs 104 which includes Rs 63 (ride fare) and Rs 40.73 (access fee). For the same distance, it was Rs 103 in Uber and Rs 89 in Rapido. There was no break-up of fares mentioned for Uber.
Rapido charges Rs 55 upto 3.5km. “Waiting for charges after 3 minutes of the driver’s arrival is Rs 1.5/minute,” its app says. A Rapido spokesperson said, “We haven’t increased our minimum fare to Rs 100 in Bengaluru. During peak hours, dynamic surge pricing kicks in to handle availability to customers.” Ola & Uber were unavailable for comment.
According to the transport department, there’s no waiting charge for the first 5 minutes and Rs 5 for every 15 minutes after that. There’s a 50% premium on night rides (10 pm to 5 am).
Officials said the deputy commissioner of Bengaluru Urban district issues permits to autorickshaws. “We’ll take action based on his direction. But if we seize autos, it will only affect drivers and their livelihood. We’re unable to take action against aggregators since a case filed by them is pending in the HC,” said an official. When contacted, Bengaluru Urban DC K Srinivas said, “We’ll look into it.”
Many passengers complained that Rs 100 minimum auto fare is daylight robbery. “When these aggregators openly demand Rs 100 minimum fare, why is there no action against them? Now, regular auto drivers are also willing to ply only by that rate,” said Vinaya S, a commuter from Koramangala.
Yatri app from Nov 1
The Autorickshaw Drivers Union along with Nandan Nilekani-backed Beckn Foundation plans to launch the Namma Yatri app on November 1.
ARDU president D Rudramurthy said: “Drivers are ready to ply for Rs 40. After they hiked fares, there is a drop in customers by 50%-60%. We’re losing customers. Now, only those who want to travel for emergencies and those without vehicles are forced to pay this rate.”
He said they complained to the transport department but there’s been no action against aggregators. “We’ll follow the government-fixed fare and collect an additional Rs 10 as pick-up charges.”


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