Karnataka: Elephant, 15, delivers the third calf in eight years at Bannerghatta Park

BBP officials said Vanashree delivered a male calf, Sampath, in December 2014, followed by Tulasi in January 2020. On Friday, she delivered another female calf

BENGALURU: A captive elephant, Vanashree, at Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP) has set a record in the state. Unlike her wild counterparts who take 13-15 years to conceive for the first time, 15-year-old Vanashree has already delivered three calves, including the female one she gave birth on Friday.

According to BBP officials, Vanashree delivered a male calf, Sampath, in December 2014 followed by Tulasi in January 2020. “Today, she delivered another female calf. Both the mother and the little one are healthy and doing well,” a BBP official said.

Officials attributed this success to the nutritious upbringing of elephants at the park. The birth of the calf has increased the elephant count at BBMP to 26.


“Compared to any other zoo in the country, Bannerghatta has some of the best facilities to host elephants and provides them with quality nutritious food, adding to their overall reproductive health. But if you look at wild elephants, they do not get similar treatment or feed. So it takes 13-15 years for them to reach the gestation stage,” an official said.

Ailing tiger dead
Even as the park celebrated the birth of the female jumbo calf, a three-year-old tiger died of hemoprotozoa (blood protozoa) infection.

Kiran was born in January 2019 to Amar and Vismaya. “He had been unwell with the infection for the past four months. He must have been infected through ticks. In the last four months, whenever we found Kiran was infected by the parasite, we put him under intense veterinary care and experts attended to him. While Kiran recovered twice, he breathed his last on Friday,” said a safari attendant at the park.


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