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BENGALURU Hijab ban: Karnataka minister for primary and secondary education minister BC Nagesh on Thursday said the ban on hijab will continue inside the classrooms since it is a split verdict by the SC and the HC order will continue to be valid.
He said: “The Karnataka Education Act does not permit any religious clothing inside classrooms. We’re clear that hijab will not be allowed inside the classes of Karnataka.” CM Bommai said the final verdict on the hijab row “is very important as its impact is not restricted to Karnataka but extends to the entire country”.
The CM added that he would offer his detailed reaction to the split verdict only after going through the judgment copy.
Nagesh said, “As a democratic government, we welcome the SC judgment though we had expected a better judgment. Throughout the world, women are protesting against wearing the hijab or burqa. We expected the Karnataka HC order to be upheld, but we are not disappointed. Supreme Court is Supreme Court, and it has the right to pass judgments.”
Higher education minister CN Ashwath Narayan said: “We’ve decided to prescribe uniform as mandatory dress code for all students. Everyone, including opposition parties, should know that uniforms have been in force for decades. The final verdict of the Supreme Court is awaited. The uniform policy will stay.”
Nagesh said there’ll be no fresh circulars and the old ones will be followed. “The Karnataka government is not saying you can’t wear hijab at all. The Education Act passed in 1986 says you don’t have the right to practice your religion in a classroom.
Every citizen of Karnataka has to follow the rule framed under this Act. The HC gave a clear judgment after hearing the case argued by reputed counsel on both sides. We had a unanimous judgment. Naturally, I had expected the judgment would be upheld,” he said.
Asked about opposition parties’ likely response, he said: “Congress always fights elections on emotive issues, especially on one particular religion, and not on development or citizen issues.” On organizations fighting for the right to wear hijab, Nagesh said: “It is an independent nation and everyone has the right to protest.” Police strengthened security in Bengaluru soon after the verdict.


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