Bengaluru: Man seeks to dispel the myth by donating brother’s organs

BENGALURU: When newlywed Mahesh, 28, a private firm employee, was declared brain dead after a road accident earlier this month, his elder brother Amarayya‘s world collapsed. One of the options doctors suggested, however, gave him hope that his brother could at least be the wellspring of life for others.
With Amarayya’s consent, Mahesh’s vital organs were harvested and donated to four others.
Amarayya, a Hyderabad resident and originally from Narakaladinni village in Lingasugur taluk, Raichur, said Mahesh was married only for a month when his bike collided with another two-wheeler on October 5 in Peenya II Stage. “Mahesh told me he would be alright since he had back pain and a head injury.
He was hospitalized. The next morning, Mahesh was rushed to another hospital’s intensive care. But he was declared brain dead. The doctor listed out options which included organ donation, considering Mahesh was only 28 years old,”.
When Amarayya was told his brother could not be revived, he was certain organ donation was the way forward. “There is a wrong perception among people in and around my district that organs are harvested and sold, and I wanted to dispel that. This, while providing a better life to those who needed the organs,” he said. Amarayya had a difficult time convincing his family but they relented after some reasoning.
The procedure took place at Apollo Hospitals, Seshadripuram, and Mahesh’s liver, kidneys, eyes, pancreas, and heart valves were donated to various hospitals in the city.
“I was told a 9-10 year-old received a heart valve and am happy the child can live for decades more,” he added.


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